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Gift yourself and others the dreamlike magic of life through art! Let the fairy tale in and make your day just a little bit brighter.



My name is Vera Oinonen and I am an artist specializing in dreamy and colourful art. My favourite subjects include the feminine, animals and nature elements.


I have made


  • Animal and fairy tale paintings for children and adults

  • Logos for small businesses

  • A magazine cover

  • An album cover

  • Abstract paintings for living spaces

  • Baby portraits

  • Christmas cards, birthday cards, graduation cards...

  • Pet portraits

  • Murals and wall art

  • Yoni art


My art can be hung in your home or work space, be gifted to someone (birthday, the day when THEY give birth, wedding, graduation, christening, etc), or it can help your business or personal project.


Sky is the limit! If you feel inspired after looking at my gallery, please contact me and tell me your idea!


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